Ancient & Accepted Rite, Yorkshire West Riding

The Ancient & Accepted Rite is a Masonic Order, much loved by Brethren who enjoy the philosophical and contemplative aspects of Freemasonry. It is a Christian Order consisting of 33 degrees, of which the "Rose Croix' degree is the 18th.

The Order is bound together in true bonds of friendship and fraternal affection.

As a Christian Order, candidates are asked to sign a declaration that they profess the Christian faith. They must have been raised as a Master Mason not less than one year previously.


The Order takes its connections with the Craft, most seriously recognizing it as the foundation of the Order. The Grand Patron is HRH The Duke of Kent 33°, and the Order is governed by The Supreme Council.

The Supreme Council is composed of nine holders of the 33°, under the direction of the Sovereign Grand Commander who currently is Most Puissant Bro. J. AIan Englefield (the Past Grand Chancellor of the Grand Lodge of England).

The order is non-hierarchical with no equivalent of Provincial Officers normally found in other orders. The District is in the care of an Inspector General 33°, currently Very lllustrious Brother John Boyington CBE, assisted by a District Recorder (Ill. Bro. Lance Milburn 32°) who carries out administrative duties for the District.